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Who We Are

DeLaval is a market leader and trusted partner for thousands of farmers around the planet, providing integrated milking solutions designed to improve dairy farmers’ production, animal welfare and overall quality of life. The company develops and manufactures equipment for milk production and animal husbandry worldwide. Our vision is to make sustainable food production possible. As a company built on innovation, we constantly work to find ways of helping our customers, dairy farmers, do more with less.

Our people

We’re a group of over four and a half thousand passionate professionals operating in more than 100 markets across the globe. We work closely with our customers and dealers in partnership to realise our vision of making sustainable food production possible.

Our solutions

DeLaval offers highly efficient system solutions for milking, farm and herd management, animal traffic control, feeding, cooling, manure handling and energy recovery. DeLaval customers can also choose from a wide range of services and consumables: liners & tubes, farm supplies, services & original parts, and milk quality & animal health.

By providing better conditions for animals, farmers can improve the animal’s health and longevity while at the same time maintaining or improving farm profitability. A healthy animal provides more milk, at a better quality and for more years.

Our customers

Every time we help a farmer find a way to produce more milk from the same herd, we’re making food production more sustainable – by introducing a new
working method on the farm, a new parlour, better liners, better hygiene, better data to make better decisions, by cutting disease, by keeping cows
healthier and increasing their milking lifetime. Every time we do that, we help farmers do more with less. Every time we do that, we’re moving on the road
to more sustainable food production.

Research and innovation

Research and innovation are central to the continued success of DeLaval supporting our customers and we have seven R&D centres around the globe. We work closely with a worldwide network of farmers, academics, dedicated research facilities, scientists, sales teams and authorised dealers.
Innovation is in our blood.

It’s been in our blood since Gustaf de Laval patented the centrifugal cream
separator back in 1878. That is more than140 years of continuous knowledge, accumulating year after year and changing how we do things, innovating to
make them better. In short, we live milk..

Company statistics in brief

  • Employees: 4,500+
  • Manufacturing units: 14
  • Markets covered: 100+
  • Research and development centres: 7
  • Patents: 1,500 +
  • Training centres: 6
  • Net annual sales: 1 billion EUR