DeLaval and partners

Corporate Partnerships

Working in partnership with others helps us realise our vision, support our customers better and to innovate faster. Below are some of the groups we have partnered with.


 SAI PlatformFounded in 2002, Sustainable Agriculture Initiative platform (SAI) is a non-profit organisation established to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and initiatives that support the development and implementation of sustainable agriculture practices involving the different stakeholders of the food chain. DeLaval joined SAI working group on dairy in 2011.

 SAI is one of the organisations behind the development of the Dairy Sustainability Framework.

 International Dairy Federation (IDF)DeLaval is represented in several of the standing committees of the International Dairy Federation. This is an important forum to share knowledge and to network with other stakeholders in the industry.

 Innovation Centre for US DairyThe Sustainability Council at the Innovation Centre for U.S. Dairy, allows experts from academic, government and non-government organisations to join professionals from the U.S. dairy value chain to measure, improve and communicate dairy’s role in a sustainable food system. DeLaval joined the Sustainability Council as a founding member in 2009.

 DeLaval has also been actively supporting the project Cow of the Future, a project that “seeks scientifically sound, economically viable and socially responsible ways of reducing enteric methane emissions through improvements in dairy cow nutrition, genetics and health”. 


 We work with Universities across the world on research projects, internship programs and educational initiatives to support undergraduate students. We also partner with universities in identifying and developing best practises and innovations and to receive third-party validation of our products.

 Among the universities we work in partnership with are Leuven University in Belgium, Kiel University in Germany, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and The University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as Cornell University in the US. 

 In China, we have partnered with the Elite Cattlemen Program at China Agricultural University where we have ini­tiated an internship program.

 In 2013, DeLaval arranged a scientific conference on cow comfort solutions and best practices in order to highlight the importance of increased lifetime productivity. Several renowned scientists from Cornell University, Guelph University, Aarhus University and Utrecht University participated and gave presentations at the two-day event.

 Conferences and forums

 On many occasions, our own experts are asked to share their expertise at different forums and conferences, such as on the topic of animal welfare and mastitis prevention.

 Food for Development

 Tetra Laval Food for Development Office is a joint initiative between DeLaval and Tetra Pak and is part of our long-term business development projects. One aim is to actively drive the advancement of the entire dairy value chain in developing markets. We do this through collaboration with customers, governments, development agencies, funding organisations and NGOs.