Hamra Farm - a source of inspiration for DeLaval

Hamra Farm, the Heart of DeLaval

Hamra Farm is a unique and special place. Not only is it our very own innovation, testing, and exhibition centre, it is one of Sweden's best dairy farms producing on average 12,000kg of milk per cow per year.

Hamra Farm was acquired by our founder Gustaf de Laval in 1894.  He was an entrepreneur and innovator (37 companies; 92 Swedish patents) and bought the farm to have somewhere to test his new products. He wanted his farm to produce the best milk available as well as provide knowledge to his customers. 

Today the farm is a subsidiary of DeLaval and is run as a separate commercial unit but still a close link to the head office. Apart from the milk production the farm lets out properties, has crops husbandry, forestry, a gravel pit and a modern conference facility with accommodation. It is also a farm open for the public with about 3000 visitors every year. 

Hamra is
a profitable dairy farm,
a demonstration farm,
a training centre for DeLaval employees and an important part of DeLaval’s R&D

As DeLaval's centre of innovation, Hamra Farm is the place where all our solutions are tested, re-tested and perfected by our own people on our own cows, before they are approved for production. Both staff and cows are continuously exposed to changes as DeLaval engineers test their products live. Several times a year, new products like mats, water bowls, and feed wagons are installed and tested. In addition, every week, software upgrades are accepted on the farm management systems.

Added to this, every week cows are moved between barns to change milking system. They are milked on a rotary system, or a parlour system (herringbone, parallel or tandem), the milking robot (our DeLaval VMS™) or in the stanchion barn. The decision of which system is most suitable depends on what stage the cows are in. Cows that are drying off are kept in the stanchion barn because their feed intake needs to be closely controlled. Once they have calved, they remain under close supervision in the stanchion barn for a further two weeks. They are then moved over to the testing barns and finally make a stop at the VMS barn where they eat and enjoy being voluntarily miked by the milking robot.

Despite this dynamic and ever-changing environment, Hamra Farm is a successful and profitable dairy operation as well as a place of order and peace. Any visitor will tell you that the cows look healthy and happy and calm. This is the result of a combination of factors: breeding cows that thrive in change as well as an intense focus on long-term cow health are two important ones. Top notch farm management and a passion for farming are two more. Hamra Farm lives innovation at DeLaval.

There are other historical buildings at Hamra as well, find out more about them at "History of Hamra Farm". 

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