Hamra Farm - a source of inspiration for DeLaval

Hamra Farm, the heart of DeLaval

Hamra Farm is only a 30 minute drive from the centre of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Hamra Farm is a unique and special place. Not only is it our very own innovation, testing, and exhibition centre, it is one of Sweden's best dairy farms producing on average more than 12 000kg of milk per cow per year. In comparison with the average for Swedish farms which is 9 000-10 000kg milk per cow per year.

It is a fully operational farm with over 250 dairy cows with the breeds: Swedish Red and Swedish Holstein. Hamra Farm lies on more than 2 800ha of land whereof nearly 1 000ha is arable land. Winter wheat, ley, barley and corn are produced and rotated on the land and the harvests are used to feed our livestock. Hamra Farm is self-sufficing of roughage. We also uses wood chips from our own land to heat the buildings at the farm.

Hamra Farm was acquired by our founder Gustaf de Laval and AB Separator in 1894.  He was an entrepreneur and innovator, and he started more than 30 companies and took more than 90 Swedish patents during his lifetime. He bought Hamra Farm to have somewhere to test his new products. He wanted his farm to produce the best milk available as well as provide knowledge to his customers. 

Today the farm is a subsidiary of DeLaval International and is run as a separate commercial unit but still a close link to the head office. Apart from the milk production the farm is an important part of DeLaval International´s research and development centre as well as facilitating education and training for DeLaval employees all around the world. Hamra Farm also has forestry, grow crops and has a modern conference centre. It is also a demonstration farm with more than 3 000 visitors every year. 

As DeLaval's centre of innovation, Hamra Farm is the place where all our solutions are tested, re-tested and perfected by our own people on our own cows, before they are approved for production.

Despite this dynamic and ever-changing environment, Hamra Farm is a successful and profitable dairy farm. This is the result of a combination of factors: Top notch farm management that focus on long-term cow health and has a passion for farming are two of the factors. Hamra Farm is the heart of DeLaval International and this is where our history and future meets.  

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