Hamra farm facts and figures of production

Facts and Stats on Hamra Farm

Hamra Farm lies a mere 30 minute drive from the centre of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It is a fully operational farm with over 250 dairy cows that produce an average of 12,700 kg per milk per cow per year.

Hamra Farm lies on 2880 ha of land. Not only do we run a dairy operation but also grow crops on the 825 ha of arable land.

Winter wheat, ley, barley and corn are produced and rotated on the land and the harvests are used to feed our livestock. A small percentage is also sold to off-site businesses.

In addition, approximately 1400 ha is productive forest and 200 ha cover lakes, gravel pits and properties.

Number of milking cows at Hamra Farm : 253
Number of heifers : 261
Breeds : Swedish red and Swedish holstein

Six staff manage the crop farming and 11 dedicated, passionate people work on the farm with the dairy operation. 

There are a total of 20 staff on site.