VMS barn at Hamra Farm

The VMS Barn

This barn, showcases our voluntary milking system in action as well as the importance of integrated barn planning, encompassing: cow traffic options, feeding solutions and farm management software – all from DeLaval.


The VMS barn was built in 2002 to showcase DeLaval VMS™ - voluntary milking system. 2018 the barn was updated with the new version: DeLaval VMS™ V300.

In this barn you will have a good overlook of the cow traffic. In this barn the layout is "feed first", which means we start our cow traffic with feeding. The cows are then led to different areas in the barn by smart gates, granting access to specific areas such as milking, resting or feeding, all controlled and supervised by our farm management.

In connection to the VMS Barn a DeLaval Optimat™ Master feeding system was installed in 2011, which is a fully automatic system that will load, cut, mix and distribute feed automatically.

DeLaval Optimat feeding system at Hamra Farm