The Big Barn

This barn is the historical centre of Hamra Farm. It is simply and affectionately called The Big Barn due to its large clock tower that overlooks the farm. It is here approximately 60 cows are milked and nurtured every day. This is also the place where sick cows recover, calves are born and milking is done in a stanchion system.

Connecting animal health and quality milk early on

By early 1900 DeLaval had adopted the “value chain” mindset. This mindset made a clear connection between healthy animals and the production of high quality milk.

Gustaf de Laval began work on putting this mindset into practice with the construction of The Big Barn. The aim was to provide a healthier and more harmonious environment for the animals. A modern top-class barn was built.

Cows for milking: 68 
Replacement cows : 50
Replacement boxes: 60
Calving/treatment boxes: 5

Since there was no electricity, a high ceiling was built to provide as much natural light as possible. In addition the barn was designed to provide fresh air and hygienic storage of animal feed. The best animals from Europe were brought to Hamra actively contributing to the creation of a healthy and robust herd.

Construction was completed in 1901 and true to the original idea, we were able to produce tuberculosis free milk from the start.

Interior of the Big Barn at Hamra Farm

The Big Barn has remained relatively unchanged since 1901 and dairy cows in this barn are milked with traditional milking equipment for stanchion systems. A DeLaval carrier rail assists milkers in their daily activities. The barn also houses dry and treatment cows, replacement and calves.

Below you can see some more views of the barn, inside and out.