The R&D Barn at Hamra Farm

The R&D Barn

The Research & Development Barn at Hamra Farm was built in 1985 and is a loose housing barn where DeLaval’s product assortment is tested and developed.

Milking is done in several different systems in this barn. As an engineer doing research and development at DeLaval, the closeness to the company´s head office, the farm and the factory, offers the unique possibility to innovate, prototype, test, correct and continue developing first-class products and solutions.

Focus areas at the R&D barn:

  •  Milk Extraction / Liners & tubes / Polymer Materials

  •  System Tests - Herd Management

  •  Environmental Resistibility

    An engineer will first test a product in the lab at head office, and it is then tested at Hamra Farm. The next phase involves field tests, then on-farm pilots followed finally by the release and launch of the product to the market. We currently perform on-farm pilots on a large number of farms all around the world.