The people of DeLaval

Meet our people

We are proud to have a truly multi-national company with people that come from all over the world, who speak a number of different languages and come from many different cultures.

Here are a few people that represent the different jobs we do every day as well the diversity in our backgrounds.

Lior Yaron

Director Global Customer Project Support

With a dairy background and a strong understanding of dairy planning, design and management, Lior's work takes him all over the world where his job is to understand the needs of farmers and cows alike. He specialises in large dairy operations.

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Linda Thulin

Farm Manager, Hamra Farm

Linda's deep love and interest for animals led her to study natural sciences and molecular biology. She worked at Hamra Farm caring for the cows from 1996 to 1998 and during her holidays as a student. In 2005 Linda became Farm Manager at Hamra Farm.

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André Petrelluzzi

Regional Controller, Latin America

André works out of the DeLaval factory in Jaguariuna, Brazil. He is a Brazilian citizen with a masters degree in Business Administration and a specialization in Finance.

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