Family farms

Dairy farms of all sizes are faced with similar challenges all over the world: profitability must be maintained, the safety and quality of food products produced should surpass standards, labour productivity should be increased and animal welfare should be ensured. Find out how our customers have faced these four challenges.

Seifried Farm

“The farm management system gives me 20% more milk.”

The Seifried family knew that keeping track of their 54 cows was not an easy task. Herbert Seifried invested in a farm management system and now can't imagine living without it.

"We have almost no problems with udder health."

The Seifried family farm located in Waldzell, Austria, has managed to avoid any udder issues with their 54 cows. Find our how Herbert Seifried maintains the udder health of his herd.

Baldauf Farm

“My new co-worker saves me two hours a day.”

The Baldauf family has been farming for six generations outside the town of Immenstadt in the German Alps. For the last two years, they have had a new co-worker keeping the barn clean.

“The brush helps me keep the animals clean and calm.”

 The Baldauf family in the German Alps has 70 dairy cows. It’s not only the milking robot the cows like, they are also very fond of the cow brushes.

Aruana Farm 

Twice the milk in half the time

After 23 years of milking cows by hand, Edson Teixeira Filho decided to invest in machine milking which has reduced his labour costs significantly.