“The brush helps me keep the animals clean and calm.”

The Baldauf family in the German Alps has 70 dairy cows. It’s not only the milking robot the cows like, they are also very fond of the cow brushes. There are two brushes on the Baldauf farm. One in the barn and one outside under a roof.

“They can stand and be brushed for ten minutes. Great for me as it keeps the animals both clean and calm,” says Bernhard Baldauf. “And happy cows produce more milk, it’s as easy as that.”

Research shows Bernhard Baldauf is right. According to a study by Cornell University,* milk production increases by up to one kilo per day in a barn with a swinging cow brush compared with a reference group in a similar barn without a cow brush.

“It saves me a lot of time because I don’t need to brush them manually. Another advantage is that the brushes reduce the number of injuries as the cows don’t need to scratch themselves against sharp objects,” says Bernhard Baldauf.

 cow brush

*Schukken, Y. H.; Young, G. D.: Field study on milk production and mastitis effect of theDeLaval Swinging Cow Brush; 2009 (Final research report, August 5, Tumba, Sweden).