“My new co-worker saves me two hours a day.”

The Baldauf family has been farming for six generations outside the town of Immenstadt in the German Alps. For the last two years, they have had a new co-worker that keeps the barn clean.

“The robot scraper is fantastic at keeping clean among the cows,” says Bernhard Baldauf. Previously we spent two hours a day cleaning the barn. Now I don’t spend any time at all. The robot scraper does it all.”

The robot scraper is fully automatic and works 18 hours a day. It is built to withstand any knocks from the animals.

“When the robot scraper was new, the cows were curious and followed it around. Now they hardly notice it and only move out of the way when it comes.”

According to Bernhard Baldauf, there are several reasons for keeping the barn clean. “Infections spread easily if there is too much manure. With the robot scraper, I get a clean, dry floor, which is good for hoof health. It also reduces the number of flies.”

Bauldauf family