"We have almost no problems with udder health."

Keeping bacteria under control is essential for good udder health. On the Seifried farm, there are very few cases of mastitis. Disinfecting teats before and after milking has been one of the main factors contributing to this.

"Our cows have a cell count of 54,000 to 80,000, which is perfect,” says Herbert Seifried. “Before milking, we use a disinfectant from DeLaval to remove bacteria and prevent disease from spreading."

Using teat dips on each cow after milking is one of the most important management measures to lower the cell count and avoid mastitis. A case of mastitis can cost up to 500 euros*.

"After milking, the teats are sensitive,” says Herbert Seifried. “By using teat dips we protect the teats and prevent bacteria from entering and causing mastitis. As we do this at every milking, we have almost no problems with udder health."

 seifried udders

* Lührmann, B. (2007): What does a mastitis. Milk Practice 45: 48-52.