“The farm management system gives me 20% more milk.”

“I can’t imagine living without this system,” says Herbert Seifried. “I check it three times a day. It gives me 20% more milk. And, in addition, it saves me feed.”

Being able to discover diseases at an early stage is crucial to Herbert Seifried. With a farm management system from DeLaval you have full control of your herd and milk quality. The system monitors and analyses your herd and gives a clear picture of the health of each individual animal. It alerts you to potential problems and allows you to address them early.

"The system gives me full control of the quality of the milk,” says Herbert Seifried. “It monitors udder health so I can quickly act when needed. The system also monitors the amount of milk. A reduction in the amount of milk and an increase in conductivity is often the first sign of mastitis, metabolic problems and other diseases." 

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“I can fix a lot myself before I have to call the vet. The cows do not like the vet. It also savesme money. I have lowered my veterinary expenses by half."

The system calculates the quantity of feed and also ensures that each cow receives the rightamount. It also warns when a cow’s feed intake is reduced.

"In addition to this, I can now see when a cow is in heat. It saves me a lot of time. And I can also customise the feed when the cow is pregnant. Overall, this gives me 20% more milk,”concludes Herbert Seifried.