Large Dairy Operations

Dairy farms of all sizes are faced with similar challenges all over the world: profitability must be maintained, the safety and quality of food products produced should surpass standards, labour productivity should be increased and animal welfare should be ensured. Find out how our customers have faced these four challenges.

Bauernland AG

“A great advantage of DeLaval AMR is the time it saves on labour.”

The Bauernland farm in Waldkirchen, Germany, have streamlined their milking process to save time. They have not only managed to save time but also reduce mastitis among their herd of 600 cows.

“The problem of mastitis has almost disappeared.”

Many farmers face the problem of mastitis on their farm. One farm that has dealt with the problem successfully is Bauernland AG in Waldkirchen, Germany.

Aalberts-Krap GmbH

"The system identifies cows for insemination at exactly the right time."

Johannes Aalberts is securing his 950 cow farm for the future. With goals to further expand the farm, Johannes knew he would need extra support with farm management.

"Reliable service ensures the farm works efficiently and smoothly."

Delays in milk production can be very costly and have an impact across the entire farm. With 950 cows on his farm, Johannes Aalberts relies on service from DeLaval.

Lõõla farm

Planning for the future

There are a lot of factors that go into expanding a farm, no matter what size it is. For Väätsa Agro, the owners of Lõõla farm in Estonia, a key has been to plan ahead and make investment decisions today based on future needs.