"The system identifies cows for insemination at exactly the right time."

Johannes Aalberts is a dairy farmer who believes in investing in the future. The farm currently has 950 cows, but the family's goal is to increase the herd size to 1,400. The farm also has 20 employees. In other words, there’s a lot to keep track of. With the farm management system DeLaval DelPro™, life becomes a little easier.

"DelPro shows me immediately when a cow needs special attention,” says Johannes Aalberts. “The system quickly shows me the first signs of illness, so that I can sort the cow for treatment. The system works perfectly and discovers all sorts of irregularities, much earlier and much more reliably than a human being."

DeLaval DelPro is connected to the sort gates that can separate the cows into different groups after milking. The cows that need special attention can be separated from the other cows, saving a lot of time.

"Another major advantage of DelPro is that the system keeps track of when a cow is in heat. This means that the cow is selected at exactly the right time for insemination," says Johannes Aalberts.

If the timing is right, the chance of a successful insemination is increased. Minimising the number of insemination attempts saves time, money and improves farm profitability by reducing the calving interval. A survey shows that the cost of missing a cow in heat canbe 120 euros.*

Aalberts Krap

* Ref: H. Gustafsson. Reproduction in Dairy, PP.27 62, Authors and publishers LTs, 1997.