“The problem of mastitis has almost disappeared.”

Many farmers face the problem of mastitis on their farm. It can lead to reduced milk production, increased treatment costs and premature culling. A farm that has dealt with the problem successfully is Bauernland AG in Waldkirchen, Germany.

The occurrence of mastitis decreased significantly when the farm installed its new automatic milking rotary -  DeLaval AMR™.

"One of the advantages of the system is that it delivers true quarter milking,” says Matthias Espig, Chairman of Bauernland AG. “The system ensures that each teat is fully milked, and the individual cup take-off prevents over-milking."

As the front quarters in general deliver less milk compared to the rear quarters, over-milking was previously the main factor contributing to mastitis at Bauernland AG. Now that each teat is milked individually, the problem is almost gone.

"The cases of mastitis that nevertheless do arise on the farm, are discovered quickly by the DelPro farm management system, so action can be taken at an early stage," concludes Matthias Espig.

Bauernland milking