“A great advantage of DeLaval AMR is the time it saves on labour.”

Using a teat dip after milking kills bacteria that causes mastitis. It is a very effective way to protect udder health. To achieve the optimal effect, teats should be sprayed directly after each milking session.

Spraying or dipping manually is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Bauernland AG farm in Waldkirchen has automated the process.

"When we invested in new milking equipment, we also streamlined the process of spraying teats after milking,” says Matthias Espig, Chairman of Bauernland AG. “Our teat spray robot works very effectively to ensure that it is always done well."

DeLaval AMR™ consists of three different kinds of task-specific robots. All are equipped with a 3D camera, which can identify when the teats are correctly positioned. Thanks to the accuracy of the teat spray robot, less teat spray is required compared to when spraying manually.

"Another great advantage is the time it saves on labour,” says Matthias Espig. “Before the AMR was installed we sprayed manually, which took a lot of time. The teat spray robot sprays each teat automatically, reducing the workload significantly.” Because milking and teat spraying are clearly separated, they do not risk contaminating the milk with any chemicals either.

The use of teat dips can reduce clinical mastitis by 50%. Given that a single case of mastitis can cost up to 500 euros*, it is easy to understand that good udder health contributes to farm profitability.


* Lührmann, B (2007): Was kostet eine Mastitis. Milchpraxis 45: 48-52