Medium-sized Enterprise

Dairy farms of all sizes are faced with similar challenges all over the world: profitability must be maintained, the safety and quality of food products produced should surpass standards, labour productivity should be increased and animal welfare should be ensured. Find out how our customers have faced these four challenges.

Horsink Farm

"I save over 250 euros per cow by being able to quickly detect ketosis."

The Horsink farm in Esche, Germany, knows that quick detection of diseases and abnormalities among their 140 cows can help reduce addtional costs and maintain a healthy herd.

“Good service is crucial. The milking robots should never stand still."

Gerd Horsink has fitted his new barn with two DeLaval VMS™ robots to milk his 140 cows. One of the reasons for choosing DeLaval was the advanced service they offered.


"Good light gives us about half a litre extra milk per cow per day."

The Sedlmair farm in Schwabhausen, Germany, makes sure their 300 cows receive plenty of light. They know that the amount of daylight plays an important role in how cows feel and affects the amount of milk they produce.

"The system gives me two litres more milk per cow per day."

In order to increase their income, the Sedlmair family went from 150 to 300 cows. The new milking equipment from DeLaval was a factor that made the expansion possible. Another important component is the herd management system.