“Good service is crucial. The milking robots should never stand still."

There are 140 cows on Gerd Horsink’s farm. A new barn was completed in October 2015, and now the cows are milked automatically by DeLaval VMS™ robots. One reason for choosing DeLaval was the advanced service they offered.

"Good service is important when you have a milking robot. There’s no time for it to stand still. It was natural for me to choose the DeLaval service package when we built the new facility,” says Gerd Horsink.

It is crucial for Gerd Horsink to have service technicians nearby, so they can quickly help if needed.

"So far, the milking robots have worked very well,” says Gerd Horsink. “Every four months, I get a visit from two service technicians who stay here for about half a day. They replace gaskets and milk tubes when needed, and always bring consumables such as liners and detergents for cleaning."

According to Gerd Horsink, the main advantages of the service package are the time it saves and the security it provides. Regular servicing will make your farm more profitable. Disturbances in milk production are expensive. The most effective way to avoid a crisis is to invest in preventive maintenance.

"I don’t need to check and manage everything myself. Reliable service is worth a lot.”

Horsink VMS