"The system gives me two litres more milk per cow per day."

In order to increase their income, the Sedlmair family went from 150 to 300 cows. The new milking equipment from DeLaval, with better capacity, was a factor that made the expansion possible. Another important component is the herd management system which is linked to the sort gate.

"Each cow is equipped with a transponder,” says Simon Sedlmair. “When the cows enter the milking parlour, they are identified by the farm management system.”

“My cows are separated into three groups – younger cows, older cows and cows that need special attention because of illness,” says Simon Sedlmair. "By distinguishing between older and younger cows, we get calmer groups that produce more milk. If we kept them together, the older cows would drive the younger cows away from the feed."

"During milking, the computer analyses the milk. In this way, we quickly discover diseases and can sort the cows accordingly,” says Simon Sedlmair. “If we see abnormalities, such as problems with hooves, we can easily direct the affected cow to the right area for treatment. The system also selects cows for insemination. This is a great advantage.”

"All together the system gives me two litres more milk per cow per day,” says Simon Sedlmair. “It saves me a lot of time. We would not have been able to expand to 300 cows without this system. It also means that I can be free between milking sessions and on Sundays."

Sedlmair milking