“Feedtech™ Carbogel - calves with diarrhea recover much faster!”

Testimonial by Kris Van Doorne, Dairy farmer in Aalter (Belgium) and Annelies De Spiegeleer, veterinarian, Product Specialist Nutrition, DeLaval NV in Drongen (Belgium)

Farmer Kris Van Doorne took over his parents’ farm around 8 years ago. Currently he milks 60 cows in a new herringbone 2X5 50°. With the elimination of milk quotas Kris sees opportunities for the future and therefore wants to expand his business and make his herd grow. Excellent calf management is an important part of this strategy. First of all Kris pays a lot of
attention to providing sufficient colostrum to the newborn calf. After 2 days on maternal colostrum, calves are transferred to milk replacer. Calves are checked several times daily and once Kris spots looser manure he acts immediately. 

Kris Van Doorne
For almost a year now he has used Feedtech Carbogel alongside electrolytes and that combination is a success. "I notice a clear difference between the calves that only get electrolytes compared to calves that receive electrolytes and Feedtech Carbogel. Thanks to the combination with
Feedtech Carbogel calves recover faster and are more lively. I even notice the positive effect after administering one dose! The manure gets firmer rapidly and the calf gets his appetite back avoiding growth retardation.”

“Feedtech™ Carbogel is a complementary feed based on natural oak charcoal that was treated with unique thermostructuring process”, Annelies De Spiegeleer, Veterinarian, Product Specialist Nutrition in Drongen (Belgium) explains.

Annelies De Spiegeleer

“This technology provides a particular pore structure which binds enterotoxins and mycotoxins, but not the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. As an example of enterotoxin-producing bacteria, we can point to the most common cause of diarrhea in young calves: E.coli.” “When a calf is infected, the toxins damage the gut lining causing malabsorption of water and nutrients. As a consequence the calf gets dehydrated, weakens and will die with no or late treatment. Even if there are other pathogens involved that do not produce toxins such as rota and coronavirus or cryptosporidium, Feedtech™ Carbogel will limit the damage by means of an intestinal dressing. It is very important to act quickly when a calf has diarrhea.
Feedtech™ Carbogel ensures a quick recovery by limiting water loss (the manure is rapidly firmer) and the binding of harmful toxins. These toxins will leave the body of the calf together with the manure. Treated calves limit the growth dip that inevitably accompanies diarrhea and are set towards a
productive future.“