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Global Dairy Trade: Commodity prices increase fourth time in a row

After ten consecutive drops in the average Global Dairy Trade auction, the last four have resulted in a 63% increase, albeit on lower trade volumes. The recent increases are a positive sign of the market recovery. A comment from Nikolai Porkov, Business Intelligence and Strategic Input at DeLaval International AB.

Precision dairy farming - what the future brings

Big data is coming to your farm. Sooner or later.  Today, there is a vast array of precision dairy farming solutions available with varying degrees of quality and precision. The digital revolution is taking root in dairy farming also. So, what does the future hold?

Precision dairy farming - where to start?

An ever increasing amount of data available and solutions on sale have dairy farmers facing the tough question of where to start. With the multitude of methods for measuring your farm and herd’s activity, it’s not an easy task knowing where to start for any farmer going down the road of precision dairy farming. But there are a few obvious areas where measurement has become very accurate and the cost of implementation is low compared to the benefits received.