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Farm Advisor of the year 2017

Farm Advisory Services are an integral part of the DeLaval offering. There are 61 advisors internationally within the company. Henrik Norberg, online advisor for VMS farmers in Sweden, has received the award as Farm Advisor of the year 2017.

Farm Management Practices to Foster Green Growth

“This report looks at farm management practices with green growth potential, from farmer-led innovations (such as those directly linked to soil and water, Integrated Pest Management, organic farming) to science-led technologies (such as biotechnology and precision agriculture)."

DeLaval sponsored and attended 2nd University of Minnesota NMC China Dairy Conference

The 2nd University of Minnesota China Dairy Conference was jointly held with the National Mastitis Council (NMC) and University of Minnesota in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, from October 27 to 28. As a long-term partner of the NMC, DeLaval sponsored and attended the event, sharing technical solutions to enhance milk quality from such dimensions as the design of standard milking procedures, the selection of tubes, liner and teat dips, comprehensive services for milking equipment with InService, dairy farm management, animal health, and smart dairy farming.

How milk helps alleviate the pain caused by eating spicy foods

Have you ever wondered why eating spicy food can cause us so much pain, and why milk or other dairy products actually help neutralise this pain? Reactions, a series by the American Chemical Society, made a video explaining this phenomenon nicely!