Dairy Reporter: Growing interest in animal welfare in the dairy farming industry

A recent research study surveyed 500 Americans with no professional background in dairy farming on what an ideal dairy farm should prioritise.

Almost all of the participants mentioned the importance of animal welfare. Other priorities expressed by the respondents were profitability, productivity and efficiency of dairy farms. The study also notes that a large number of respondents prioritised high milk quality, specifically referring to the absence of substances not naturally occurring in milk, including “antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals”. Also, “a clean environment to produce a safe and healthy product” was considered highly important.

“Our assortment of milking systems, consumables and services makes it possible for farmers to milk in ways that protect the quality of the milk as well as the wellbeing of animals and people involved. We also offer a range of solutions that help farmers keep a high level of animal welfare throughout the animals’ total lifespan, thereby securing an optimal lifetime yield," says Jan Agri, Sustainability Manager of DeLaval International.

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