DeLaval sponsored and attended 2nd University of Minnesota NMC China Dairy Conference

The 2nd University of Minnesota China Dairy Conference was jointly held with the National Mastitis Council (NMC) and University of Minnesota in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, from October 27 to 28. As a long-term partner of the NMC, DeLaval sponsored and attended the event, sharing technical solutions to enhance milk quality from such dimensions as the design of standard milking procedures, the selection of tubes, liner and teat dips, comprehensive services for milking equipment with InService, dairy farm management, animal health, and smart dairy farming.

On the afternoon of October 26, DeLaval also organised a fully attended technical pre-meeting on technical solutions for the prevention and control of mastitis. U.S. mastitis expert Professor James Cullor once again visited China to explore mastitis prevention and control with Chinese dairy farmers, discussing the state of dairy farming in the U.S. and China, as well as current challenges, while sharing experiences with mastitis causes and prevention, proper dipping techniques, standard milking procedures, Chinese mastitis control measures, how to be a successful dairy farm manager, and how to run dairy farm successfully.

In general, the design of a liner is based on the tradeoffs of different milking characteristics, such as milk yield, milking speed, over-milking and gentle milking. However, the development of modern liners has already overcome the traditional balanced approach. With technology, liners allow for faster, larger, and softer milking operations. The DeLaval Clover™ liner will exhibit even greater milking performance. Jean-Jacques Dreier, Global Portfolio Director of Liners and Tubing at DeLaval, shared with peers in the dairy industry on liner types and their impact on teat health, milk yield and milking performance.

With in-depth field research, analysis and consulting in Chinese dairy farms, DeLaval China Milk Quality Manager Lynda McDonald provided a detailed explanation of post-milking dipping with the 12 Golden Rules of Milking and shared the latest highly efficient post-dipping techniques while sharing experiences with new pressure from current mastitis controls. As an important measure in effective mastitis prevention, teat dipping products and techniques are being developed. Effective teat dipping ingredients and formulas are increasingly in line with the trend towards dairy farm sustainability; the dipping application techniques and methods must also be formulated expediently and with consideration for local conditions, in accordance with scale and standardized growth.

As a long-term partner of NMC, DeLaval was also invited to give a keynote address at the forum. William Smits, Farm Management and Services Director, LSO China and Lynda McDonald, DeLaval China Milk Quality Manager, respectively presented the “Transition Management – Dairy Cow Comfort and Care” and “Milk Quality in the Chinese Dairy Industry Today”.

DeLaval’s exclusive Efficient Milking, Efficient Cleaning, Comprehensive Services, Milk Quality, Dairy Farming Handbook, Udder Care and other handbooks and booklets on dairy farm solutions were also available during the event. Nearby, DeLaval also set up a special “book bar” for visitors to enjoy. At the session, Visitors also got the chance to personally feel the “grip” of the new Clover™ liner and experience the new high-efficiency smart VPR200 equipment performance tester as it performed equipment running status self-assessment.