DeLaval farm advisor, Henrik Norberg, wins Farm Advisor of the year

Farm Advisory Services are an integral part of the DeLaval offering. There are 61 advisors internationally within the company. Henrik Norberg, online advisor for VMS farmers in Sweden, has received the award as Farm Advisor of the year 2017.

The competition, organized by the Industry Council for Agricultural Advisory Companies in Sweden (Brandschrådet för Lantbrukets Rådgivningsförtag) and the trade publication, ATL, selected Henrik based on his accommodation to the issues of modern dairy farmers.

"Henrik Norberg has been working as an online consultant for our VMS customers for about a year now. During the year he has built trust with the farmers and they have all seen much better results thanks to Henrik's advice. This is a completely new type of advisory service for us. By connecting to the farmers' computer system Henrik can track the production in real time, analyze the numbers and advise based on what he sees. Of course we are very proud that Henrik received this award and are very happy that he is part of our team," Susanna Berg, Farm Advisory Service Manager in Northern Europe explains.

Of the 25 farms with milking robots that Henrik is currently working with, major improvements have been made to 20 of them. This means between 5 to 20 percent higher milk production, resulting in significant revenue increases for the farms. The advisory part of our offering is an important step towards helping the farmers do more with less.

The advantage of being an online advisor is that he can help all 25 farms in one day and save a lot of travel time. Henrik Norberg has worked with cows for 35 years, of which 25 years as Herd Manager at Hamra Farm. This experience helps him to analyze the data more easily, understand what the situation looks like in the barn and then make suggestions for improvements.

"I am a bit shocked by the announcement but of course I am really pleased about the award. I really care about our customers and want them to be as successful as possible. It feels incredible that I can work this way. The farmer is happy, the cows are happy and everything is improving!" Henrik says.

The jury's motivation for the winner of Advisor of the year award 2017:

"With great knowledge and understanding of both the VMS technology and the behavior of cows as well as how to best care for them, Henrik Norberg bridges a gap in advisory for robotic milking. By realizing the importance of the cooperation with cows and technology, he has contributed to increased production at farm level. With his extensive experience and devotion, he has taken both short and long-term farm-specific improvement to solve issues and problems, all focusing on animal health and the functionality of the technology. Henrik also collaborates with feed advisors, breeding advisors and veterinarians and has a good understanding of all these areas. With this background, the jury considers Henrik to be an important link to address the issues a modern dairy producer can face and therefore appoint him as winner of Farm Advisor of the year 2017."