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CEJA and DeLaval Group announce partnership

Hanover, Germany, 15 November 2018 – CEJA and DeLaval announced a collaborative agreement at EuroTier, the world's leading trade fair for animal production in Hanover, Germany. Both organisations initially worked together on a report titled “European Young Farmers: Building a Sustainable Sector” that was successfully launched during a conference at the European Parliament in September 2017.

DeLaval Doubles Manufacturing Capacity for the New VMS™ milking system V300

Stockholm, Sweden, 1 November 2018 – Customer demand for the new DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300 is above expectations. DeLaval has increased production capacity to meet this strong demand, making full use of its modernised facilities by increasing production personnel, adjusting Supply Chain planning and securing deliveries from suppliers.

DeLaval is Showcasing its Latest Innovations at EuroTier 2018

Stockholm, Sweden, 21 September 2018 – On its path of relentless innovation, DeLaval is showing the latest innovations at EuroTier 2018, in Hanover. These latest innovative solutions are reinforcing DeLaval’s commitment to dairy farmers around the globe and leading progress in animal welfare, work efficiency, food safety and farm profitability.

DeLaval Introduces its New Robotic Milking System, the DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300

Stockholm, Sweden, 27 June 2018 – DeLaval announces its new VMS™ milking system V300, a new experience for cows and customers. The VMS V300 helps farmers by making them less reliant on future labour market uncertainties and keeping them at the forefront of animal welfare and food safety. The VMS V300 milking system ensures that dairy farming is a profitable option not only today but also for generations to come.

DeLaval Introduces its New Robotic Feed Pusher, the DeLaval OptiDuo™

Stockholm, Sweden, 27 June 2018 – DeLaval presents OptiDuo™, the new robotic feed pusher. DeLaval OptiDuo remixes and repositions feed onto the feed table. This new approach increases feed intake, reduces feed waste and helps farmers to use the time saved, on the jobs that make a difference to the farm.

The New DeLaval European Distribution Centre Inaugurated

Stockholm, Sweden, 21 May, 2018 – The new European Distribution Centre, in northern Germany, is now inaugurated. An inauguration ceremony, with 30 external guests and the 230 employees on location, was held on 17 May. This new centre will support DeLaval in preparing the business for future needs.

DeLaval Distribution Centre in Gallin Receives LEED Gold Certificate

Stockholm, Sweden, February 26, 2018 – The Gallin distribution centre, in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northern Germany, receives the gold certification on the LEED Green Building Rating System. This achievement is based on the work within the areas of indoor and outdoor water efficiency, optimising energy performance, and regional priority credits.

DeLaval Granted with First Position in German Agricultural Society (DLG) Image Barometer 2017

Stockholm, December 11, 2017 – DeLaval, with a total score of 44 points, achieved once again first place in the “Livestock Technology” category of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) Image Barometer. Particularly encouraging is the increase in the number of points in comparison to the previous year and the clear leadership in all four investigated regions of Germany.

DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S wins 2017 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award

Winners of the 7th annual Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award contest were announced at World Dairy Expo yesterday with the DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S receiving top honors. The automated calf feeder was one of ten new products to be recognized by Dairy Herd Management’s panel of judges for its game-changing technology.

Fair Oaks

Progressive dairy farmers, Mike and Sue McCloskey, convinced automated dairies are a big part of the equation for the future of milk production.

DeLaval Cleaning Analysis DCA wins silver medal for innovations at EuroTier.

Hanover, DE November 14, 2016. DeLaval wins the silver medal for innovations by EuroTier organisers DLG for its DeLaval cleaning analysis DCA, demonstrating our continued leadership in bringing innovations to the forefront of dairy farming. Criteria for selection included significant features such as optimising labour management, facilitating work safety and driving down energy costs.

EuroTier 2016: DeLaval reinforces its commitment to dairy farmers

Stockholm, Sweden October 17, 2016 with over 25 exhibits on display, DeLaval continues to inspire dairy farmers globally, to continue driving progress in four important areas: farm profitability, food safety, work efficiency and animal welfare.

EuroTier 2016: DeLaval continues on its path of Relentless Innovation

Stockholm, Sweden October 10, 2016 - To support our customers’ future success, it is key to stay innovative. Throughout the years, DeLaval has been relentless in doing so and during the last 20 years alone has accrued 250 patents. Demonstrating that by being a customer of DeLaval you have access to productivity and efficiency gains, to address challenges within for example animal welfare, work efficiency, food safety and farm profitability, based on the latest technologies.

Ancali buy 64 DeLaval VMS™

Fundo El Risquillo, a large farm in Chile with 6500 dairy cows, has just signed an agreement to install 64 DeLaval VMS™ milking robots making it the world’s largest robotic milking farm. 

DeLaval and LIC Automation announce cooperation

Two of the major players in the NZ dairy industry have announced a collaboration agreement for the benefit of New Zealand dairy farmers. DeLaval and LIC Automation have been working closely together to develop an automated Body Condition Scoring (BCS) measurement system for NZ-bred dairy cows.

DeLaval Hoof Forum in Gent, Belgium, brings together hoof health management experts

In January, DeLaval organized a Hoof Forum in Gent, Belgium with external and internal Hoofcare experts on digital dermatitis from The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and France to discuss tools for effective hoof health management. During the one day meeting the latest trial data on our newest hoof disinfectant EasyStride, an aid to prevent digital dermatitis, was presented.

DeLaval Teat Spray Robot (TSR™) sales continue to grow in America

Stockholm, Sweden, 09 February, 2016 The DeLaval teat spray robot (TSR™) is one of the first fully automatic teat spray solutions for dairy farms with rotaries. In September 2015, it won the Dairy Herd Management Innovative Product Award which was presented at World Dairy Expo in Madison,Wisconsin. This award and the TSR’s success on existing US farms are believed to be two of the reasons for the continued growth in sales. The TSR™ with DeLaval’s parallel rotaries is the way to optimise large herd dairy farming by significantly reducing labour costs as well as safeguarding milk quality.

DeLaval acknowledged best in class by DLG-Imagebarometer 2015

For the first time in its company history, DeLaval has taken home the top spot in the category "Livestock Technology", represented in this year's Image Barometer of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) (45 points). Beating its main competitors, DeLaval improved its performance to the previous year, and was the only company among the top five to develop positively.

Hamra Farm now available in virtual reality

DeLaval has created an immersive virtual reality film of Hamra Farm - its unique innovation, testing and exhibition centre. The farm is also a commercially profitable dairy farm producing an average 12 000kg of milk per cow per year. 

Tetra Pak and DeLaval commit to up skill dairy farm management in China

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (25 November) - Tetra Pak and DeLaval, sister companies in the Tetra Laval Group, today signed a five year agreement with the Dairy Association of China to provide training to Chinese dairy farm managers. The signing ceremony was attended by both the Chinese and Swedish Ministers of Agriculture, who have a Memorandum of Understanding to increase co-operation in agriculture.

DeLaval commits to reduce the use of antibiotics in milk production

Stockholm, 16 November, 2015. To mark the start of World Antibiotic Awareness Week, an initiative by the World Health Organization (WHO) 16-22 November, DeLaval commits to actively drive progress towards the reduction of antibiotics in global dairy production by continued R&D in innovative farming solutions to promote animal health.

DeLaval launches ecopaper EP 1000

Stockholm, Sweden 20 October, 2015 DeLaval launches ecopaper EP1000, which uses  cartons’ cellulose fibres to produce a soft, absorbent and resistant udder hygiene paper  towel. DeLaval ecopaper EP 1000 is ideal for pre-milking cleaning as it absorbs any liquid without tearing and is gentle on teats and udders. It is the latest innovation from Lucart, TetraPak’s long-term partner in recycling. 

DeLaval open days in Poland attract agriculture minister

Two DeLaval stanchion barns in Poland opened their doors to visitors recently, demonstrating that local farmers' interest in maintaining conventional milking systems remains high. A stanchion barn can be a very modern facility with many labour-saving equipment options.

DeLaval Solutions Win Innovation Awards

BANNOCKBURN, IL (September 30, 2015) DeLaval announced today that two of its state-of-the-art technologies have won Dairy Herd Management 2015 Innovative Product Awards. The DeLaval BodyCondition Scoring (BCS™) system and Teat Spray Robot (TSR™) were selected among the top ten winners at a ceremony last night at World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. DeLaval is an exhibitor at the show, which runs until October 3rd, and has both products on display at booth 3011-3315.

DeLaval Backs NZ Dairy Awards

Global milking machine market leader DeLaval has joined the family of national sponsors backing the 2016 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards.

Labour cost savings with new milk meter calibration software

DeLaval has introduced a new method for calibrating milk meters with software in conventional milking systems that provides significant time-savings: more than 90% in some cases, compared to traditional methods. A survey recently presented at the 2015 ICAR Technical Workshop in Krakow shows that the users see many different benefits with the new method.

DeLaval updates its submersible pumps range, making them more robust and long-lasting than ever

DeLaval has updated its line of submersible pumps that are more robust and long-lasting than ever. Submersible pumps are items that most farmers take for granted – until the day they break down. Submersible pumps are the forgotten heroes of many farms pumping away pressed water from silage tanks, pumping urine or in manure sewage tanks, pumping sewage water or excess liquids around the milking parlour.

How automatic feeding solution DeLaval Optimat™ contributes to an increase of up to five litres of milk produced per cow daily and reduces feed wastage by 50% and more


Feeding is often the biggest expense on any dairy farm. The labour costs related to and the feed itself amount to up to 70% of any farms’ production costs. Making feeding methods more efficient does not just save costs, it increases milk yields. DeLaval is constantly updating its solutions to fit those requirements and with the latest inclusion of DeLaval Optimat™ to its feeding solutions is coming a long way in contributing to this. 

DeLaval launches new corporate website

DeLaval launches new corporate website to strengthen the DeLaval brand globally and to facilitate the sharing of information in the field of dairy farming.

DeLaval Optimat™ – the Norwegian experience


DeLaval Optimat™ has been improving the lives of farmers across the globe, saving time, reducing feed waste, improving feed accuracy and dry matter intake. In Norway, the automated feeding solution has firmly established itself on the market with much acclaim.

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ firmly established on the market

Herd Navigator

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ has now begun to take its place as a ‘must have’ on the modern dairy farm. Today, DeLaval Herd Navigator™ systems measure health and reproduction parameters daily for more than 35,000 cows and notify dairy farmers about the animals in need of attention.

How should EU farmers invest in a post milk-quota world

Milk quota

After more than 30 years of milk quotas in the EU, a new world is approaching for European dairy farmers. We have known about the lifting of quotas for some several years and plenty of predictions have been made but reality is about to hit. Here are the likely outcomes from a DeLaval perspective.

Long live the healthy cow

Preventing disease in your cows has untold benefits for your cow’s well-being and your dairy farm business.

The world’s hardest working robot – the DeLaval VMS™

Stockholm, Sweden 24 February, If a car was to be as productive as a DeLaval VMS™, it would need to drive around the world 205 times. Compared with a tractor, you would need to buy between four and six of them just to keep up with the productivity of a DeLaval VMS™. Is this the world’s hardest working robot?

Help your cow through transition and improve her productive life

The transition period from the weeks prior to calving to delivery and into first lactation is a crucial one when it comes to cow longevity. It’s a period where the cow goes through significant bodily changes and is exposed to increased risks that can affect her productive future. 

World Ag Expo opens its doors

World Ag Expo opens its doors this week. More than 1400 exhibitors will be displaying the latest in farm equipment, communications and technology on over 240,000 square metres of exhibition space in Tulare, California.

Cow longevity starts at birth

We’ll come clean. Our headline is misleading. Cow longevity actually starts before birth. There is now a wealth of information that shows how important it is that the cow’s mother is well looked-after in the weeks leading up to calving.

Building a farm from scratch and choosing animal welfare first

The prospect of building a dairy farm from complete scratch is an exciting one; having the opportunity to pick and choose the absolute finest technology and hardware and do everything right from the start based on the latest developments in farming.

Planning for the future. The Lõõla farm story

There are a lot of factors that go into expanding a farm, no matter what size it is. For Väätsa Agro, the owners of Lõõla farm in Estonia, a key has been to plan ahead and make investment decisions today based on future needs.

The patent pending DeLaval Clover™ liner won innovation of the year award 2015, in the category milking technology

Hanover, November 14, 2014. DeLaval Clover™ liner won the prestigious DLV innovation of the year award 2015 in the category milking technology. One of the main criteria for winning the award was the fact that it is a true example of form follows function. Its breakthrough design ensures the liner stays in the proper milking position and provides excellent massage, offering cows maximum comfort without compromising on milking performance. As a result teat health improves and mastitis cases are reduced.

Three DeLaval farms nominated for British Farming Awards 2014

Three DeLaval farms in the UK have been nominated in the British Farming Awards 2014. The DeLaval nominees are Norbreck Farm and West Drumlemble Farm for Dairy Innovator of the Year and Heanton Barton Farm in the category Renewables Innovator of the Year.

Real-time monitoring now possible from devices anywhere in the world with DeLaval’s wireless Farm Monitoring Camera FMC-IP1

Stockholm (August 28, 2014) - With the launch of its wireless Farm Monitoring Camera FMC-IP1, DeLaval now offers farmers the possibility of true real-time monitoring over their livestock and buildings from smartphones, tablets or computers. By giving farmers the freedom to monitor without being on-site, activities such as calving can be monitored more efficiently, and alarms can be checked visually.

DeLaval at the NMC

The annual National Mastitis Council Regional Meeting has been held at the University of Ghent in Belgium. On the last day of the meeting, DeLaval held an industry seminar titled “Proper Milk Extraction: Methods and Technologies”.

Why we’re talking about the Clover™ liner at the NMC

After 130 years in the dairy industry it is with confidence that we can say, that at DeLaval we know what’s required in the pursuit of excellent milk quality. A cornerstone of our expertise includes an acute understanding of mastitis. It’s the reason why our products offer significant results as a part of a milk producer’s mastitis prevention program and why a membership in the National Mastitis Council (the NMC) is a matter of course for our company.

DeLaval VPR 200 means optimum operation

It’s one thing to milk 15 cows by hand if the equipment is on the blink, it’s quite another undertaking when you have 400 or 4000 cows that need to be milked. The  same is true of manure handling, milk cooling, feeding etc. This is why a comprehensive preventive maintenance service programme is a good investment.

DeLaval hosts forum on mastitis prevention and control in China

DeLaval takes the lead on mastitis prevention at the largest and most influential dairy farming and processing trade event in China.  DeLaval China successfully held an International Mastitis Control and Prevention Summit at the China Dairy Annual Meeting on June 14, 2014 in Xi'an - the biggest dairy industry event in China in conjunction with a trade show that attracts both international and domestic industry players from across the entire dairy supply chain.

High milk yield farms with low labour costs now a reality

Stockholm, Sweden 18 June, 2014  -  DeLaval has more than doubled its sales of automatic milking rotary systems during the past six months. The first commercial systems were installed in Australia in 2011 and in Germany in 2013. Since then sales have grown steadily: by the end of 2014 there will be more than 10 installations up and running and delivering customer benefits in four different countries. DeLaval is the only company in the world to offer an automatic rotary system ready for commercial sales.

How to improve the lifetime production cycle of a cow

Stockholm, 02 June, 2014. Dairy farmers need to replace cows in the herd frequently because of health and infertility issues; yet this expensive practice could also be avoided in some cases through a range of simple, effective measures. 

DeLaval supports the new global Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF)

Stockholm, Sweden 26 March, 2014 - DeLaval has become an associated member of the Dairy Sustainability Framework, DSF. The newly established framework enables the dairy industry to collaborate and align its global sustainability efforts under one umbrella, facilitating and demonstrating a coordinated approach. It provides the sector with a framework and a common language to monitor and share progression with a focus on continuous improvement in sustainability.

Remote farm support a hit with farmers

As modern farms become increasingly advanced, remote support is rapidly gaining popularity according to latest data from DeLaval, leading supplier of solutions that improve milking performance on farms. Connected farms not only reduce the need for physical visits from service technicians, but also from vets, nutritionists, and even financial advisors.

DeLaval sells its 10,000th milking robot

Automated milking systems are quickly becoming the norm as dairy producers around the globe look for greater flexibility, reliable controls and better milking performance to make their operations more sustainable. DeLaval recently sold its 10,000th Voluntary Milking System VMS™ to Glenirvine Farms in Fergus, Ontario.

DeLaval acquires Dutch dairy information management company

Acquisition of Uniform-Agri in the Netherlands complements DeLaval within farm management systems. In a more and more automated dairy farm environment, data is key to manage the farm professionally and increase efficiency and profitability

Robotic milking hits world production record

JTP Farms in Wisconsin, USA, recently achieved unprecedented milk production with DeLaval voluntary milking systems, VMS™. In a seven-day period the dairy harvested an average of 2,927 kg of milk per voluntary milking system from their 247-cow herd. These results are the best yet for any VMS customer in the world – and possibly any producer milking robotically.

DeLaval highlights Chinese dairy industry challenges accompanying Swedish Minister’s visit to Beijing

By travelling to China, Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs, Eskil Erlandsson, is taking the next step to improve Swedish export of food and food technology to the Chinese market. In his upcoming visit to Beijing and surrounding areas, the 23rd -25th January, DeLaval, among others, is contributing with knowledge and insights regarding the Chinese dairy market and to show how Sweden is well positioned to support the expansion of the dairy industry in China. 

Introducing DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager: An advanced farm management system

DelPro™ Farm Manager is a revolutionary system combining information and technology from different areas of the dairy farm. It monitors, records and analyses data with a high level of consistency and reliability helping farmers make informed, profitable decisions about their dairy operation. The unique system also allows herd managers to customize their working protocols for easier decision making.

DeLaval introduces ISO identification for all VMS barn systems

Stockholm, Sweden (December 20, 2011). DeLaval Voluntary Milking System VMS™ units can now be offered with ISO identification. The product which is based on several years of development and testing is in line with expected lifetime traceability legislation and will enable farmers to take advantage of the cost efficiency of the ISO identification system.

Torp Farm in Sweden: Smart Farming in action

Månstad, Sweden (May 10th 2011). Swedish milk producers Patrik and Elin Johansson prove that a holistic and automated approach to dairy farming is a reality. On Torp farm, Smart Farming is the key to long-term business profitability, expansion opportunities and sustainability.

DeLaval equips largest livestock research centre in Europe at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Stockholm, Sweden (September 20th 2011). At the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences´ new Swedish Livestock Research Centre at Uppsala-Lövsta, international and private enterprise researchers will be offered a unique research environment, where new animal production technologies can be researched and tested. The facility will conduct research of the highest quality in animal welfare, animal health, climate-smart animal management and sustainable food production. DeLaval has won the bid to supply the Swedish Livestock Research Centre with equipment. 

Top ranked Russian farm becomes the largest VMS dairy in the world

Kazan, Russia (July 13th 2011). The largest voluntary milking system VMS dairy in Europe and Asia is now poised to become the biggest in the world. The Rakhimovo Farm located in the Russian Federation’s Republic of Tatarstan, has signed an agreement with DeLaval for an additional 16 VMS to grow their existing operations. This investment will result in a total of 32 VMS at Rakhimovo; the farm was ranked among the top dairies for milk quality and animal welfare in the area, according to a report published in 2010[1]. “After two years in production with the 16 VMS operation that we installed in 2009; we decided that the time was right to make a further investment. The benefits have been clear since the first installation in terms of both production and quality and therefore securing a return on our initial investment” said Farit Rakhimov entrepreneur and owner of the soon to be largest DeLaval VMS installation in the world.

Top ranked Russian farm becomes the largest VMS dairy in the world

Kazan, Russia (July 13th 2011). The largest voluntary milking system VMS dairy in Europe and Asia is now poised to become the biggest in the world. The Rakhimovo Farm located in the Russian Federation’s Republic of Tatarstan, has signed an agreement with DeLaval for an additional 16 VMS to grow their existing operations. This investment will result in a total of 32 VMS at Rakhimovo; the farm was ranked among the top dairies for milk quality and animal welfare in the area, according to a report published in 2010[1]. “After two years in production with the 16 VMS operation that we installed in 2009; we decided that the time was right to make a further investment. The benefits have been clear since the first installation in terms of both production and quality and therefore securing a return on our initial investment” said Farit Rakhimov entrepreneur and owner of the soon to be largest DeLaval VMS installation in the world.