DeLaval renews its commitment to the Sino-Swedish Dairy Cooperation programme

Stockholm, Sweden, 10 September 2019 – The Sino-Swedish Cooperation programme renews for the next years. DeLaval, Tetra Pak and China Agricultural University sign a new agreement, carrying on the cooperation work undertaken by both countries, Sweden and China, for the last 30 years. This new agreement helps to enhance the sustainable and profitable future of the dairy industry in both countries.


The Sino-Swedish Dairy Cooperation programme has a long and proud story. It started back in 1984, as a cooperation between the governments of China and Sweden. It combines theory with practice, consisting of four modules: theoretical training, dairy field, case teaching and overseas training. The programme covers dairy farm management, dairy breeding, nutrition, animal health, as well as environmental aspects. For more than 30 years, DeLaval has been able to grow together with the dairy industry in China contributing to a sustainable development, with support from both the Swedish and Chinese governments, customers, partners and Tetra Pak.

In all these years of cooperation between both countries, more than 4,000 dairy processing technicians have been trained, forming the backbones of China dairy industry. In the last five years only, 134 farm managers were trained and 111 of them travelled to Sweden. As a result, 77 percent of the farms where the trainees work saw an increase in their annual yield per cow, and 76 percent saw a decrease in the SCC levels after they participated in the programme.

This year, on 2 September, Chinese ambassador Gui Congyou attended the opening ceremony of the Sino-Swedish Dairy Cooperation programme, visiting this year’s trainees at Hamra Farm, heart of DeLaval, in Stockholm. DeLaval CEO and President, Joakim Rosengren and Professor Mr. Yang Dunqi from China Agricultural University also participated in the event.

And the future for this programme is bright, as the cooperation has been renewed for the next years. This new agreement signed is yet another proof of DeLaval’s commitment to support China dairy industry in growing a sustainable and profitable future.