Making sustainable food production possible is more important now than ever

As COVID-19 continues its rapid spread, this unprecedented situation is having an enormous impact on people, companies and communities worldwide. Firstly, and most importantly in a situation like this, we all need to take some special care for one another. Our thoughts are with the people most affected.

DeLaval exists to support our customers, the dairy farmers of the world, in making sustainable food production possible. To continue to do this, we are taking special measures to keep our employees and their families, our customers and our partners safe. We have introduced safety procedures on all our sites and in our service organisations globally, and we are carefully following and respecting local restrictions and advice from health authorities in handling the situation.

DeLaval operates in many countries around the world, and we will continue to work together with our customers, suppliers, governments and local authorities, to ensure that we, in the best possible way, can continue to support our dairy farmers in their important work, delivering nutritious dairy products to the global population. We will continue to do this with as little disruption as we possibly can.

I wish to thank all DeLaval employees, our customers and our partners globally for working closely together in this difficult situation. A most important task during all times, and especially now. 

Joakim Rosengren
DeLaval President & CEO