Animal Welfare

Healthy cows are high performers. Every product we sell has animal welfare in mind in order to ensure prime cow health and high yields of the best quality.

Our extensive research into calf-care and cow longevity has helped us in the design of barn systems, feeding systems and disease detection and prevention.When it comes to hoof care, we don’t just look at regular hoof baths but the bigger picture of clean and stable flooring, ventilation, mattresses and mats.Our manure management systems come into play here also. We have a full range of solutions depending on the farm type, size and location.

Hoof Care

Dairy farmers are well aware that the health of their herd’s hooves is essential to maximum milk production and quality, and DeLaval’s hoof care ...

High quality milk starts with udder preparation

Udder preparation is a sometimes underestimated, but vital aspect, to high quality milk.

Udder Health

Udder health is a key factor in maintaining a healthy, productive and profitable herd. DeLaval offers a range of udder health products from milki...

Cow Comfort

Our cow comfort approach takes into account the entire needs of the cow around the clock to ensure that your herd gets the best possible treatmen...

Swinging Cow Brush SCB

Every day, DeLaval Swinging Cow Brushes are grooming 4 million cows around the world. 4 million cows cannot be wrong. 

Calf Care

DeLaval’s holistic approach to calf-care ensures that every calf on a farm starts life with the best possible conditions and the best possible ch...

Cow Longevity

All farmers are aware of the benefits of increasing the productive lifetime of their cows, question often is how to make it happen in practice.