Cow comfort

Cow Comfort

Our cow comfort approach takes into account the entire needs of the cow around the clock to ensure that your herd gets the best possible treatment and stays healthy, strong and productive.

This means creating clean and easily-accessible resting areas, feeding and drinking areas and walking areas on your farm. Our fully integrated approach means we have cubicles, mattresses, scrapers, feeding stalls, water troughs and flooring all integrated into one cow comfort solution. On top of that is the full range of ventilation and lighting options all with cow comfort in mind.

Our unique industry-leading DeLaval swinging cow brush (SCB) stands at the centre of our cow comfort solutions as a flagship product that can directly result in an increase in milk yield: up to one kilogram of milk per cow per day.

We understand cow herd behaviour and how to best take care of your cows to ensure their comfort and ultimately their health and productivity.


  • Comprehensive approach to cow comfort
  • Leading comfort products in every aspect of the cow’s day-to-day routine
  • Expert knowledge into cow behaviour and needs
  • Specialists in the field available for consultation
  • Market-leading cow brush

We understand cow herd behavior and how to best take care of cows to ensure their comfort and ultimately their health and productivity.

Our cow comfort specialists can help plan new projects or improve existing farms. Our experts will take into consideration everything from climate and local feed supply to optimal cow traffic, ideal stalling and lighting.