Improving life time productivity

Cow Longevity

All farmers are aware of the benefits of increasing the productive lifetime of their cows, question often is how to make it happen in practice. 

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Charlotte Hallén Sandgren
Dairy Development Director

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It is expected that there will be some turnover of cows on a dairy farm as cows are removed because of low milk production or to sell. However as much as 70-80% of all cullings are involuntary, and the main three reasons are lamenessmastitis and reproduction problems. These high rates of involuntary culling on a farm are a sign of poor animal welfare and are very costly to the dairy farmer.

In order to address this problem, there is plenty of research and knowledge available to support dairy farmers. The solutions do not have to be radical changes nor involve large investments. Even simple things that improve cow comfort can have a dramatic positive effect.

Papers on cow longevity