DeLaval SCB Limited Edition 2015

Swinging Cow Brush SCB

Every day, DeLaval Swinging Cow Brushes are grooming 4 million cows around the world. 4 million cows cannot be wrong. 

DeLaval SCB

The DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB is designed to improve cow health, comfort and welfare. The swinging cow brush SCB, which starts to rotate on contact, is a revolution in cow care and cow comfort. The unique brush rotates at an animal-friendly speed, swings freely in all directions, smoothly up, over and alongside the cow to provide comfort all around, promoting milk production cow comfort and cow longevity. The extra milk production attributed to using the brush is estimated to represent around five million glasses per day. 

DeLaval pioneered and patented the swinging cow brush: first to invent it, first in cow comfort. The unique, cow-friendly design lets it swing freely onto the cow’s back or head, over and along her sides. With DeLaval SCB, every cow in your herd can groom herself all over.

More cow comfort - more profit

With DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB you can be sure that your cows are grooming themselves with bristles of the right length and firmness to stimulate blood circulation. This improves cow health and performance. The latest research shows a significant reduction in clinical mastitis and up to one litre more milk per cow every day from cows using DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush (Ynte H. Schukken and G. Douglas Young). 

Safety and performance

Swinging Cow Brush DeLaval

The unique design of DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB has built-in safety. It rotates at a safe cow-friendly speed and will immediately stop if there is resistance. DeLaval SCB has sensitive overload protection against overheating and a significantly lower working temperature than the previous model. It also meets the protective criteria of IP65.

Easy to install and maintain

DeLaval SCB comes pre-mounted so it is easy to install and may be mounted on a wall or post. The brush cylinder is easily removed for replacement or thorough cleaning.

The DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush limited edition 

DeLaval has launched a new and limited version of DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB: The SCB Limited Edition 2015. It is available exclusively during the last quarter of 2015 and has a different design compared to the standard DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB.

It comes with a time counter, too, which makes possible to check how many hours the brush is in use.

Also the brush cylinder is eccentric, a patented shape that provides a different type of massage on the cows. In addition, every unit is labeled with an unique number of the limited edition. The limited edition consists of 1,140 units worldwide, 972 230V versions and 168 110V versions. For more information, visit your local DeLaval website.

Happy cows are productive cows

Animal health and welfare is fundamental to DeLaval. In close co-operation with customers, authorities and the scientific community, we develop and share our know-how and skills in this area by developing solutions and systems that benefit the natural behaviour and health of the animals.
Cow enjoying DeLaval SCB

Animal welfare varies from place to place in its definition and it is dependent on various localisation factors. The latter can include societal development, economy, animal production development, traditional values, climate, soil and the availability of water.

DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB is part of the DeLaval commitment to Sustainable Dairy Farming: solutions that meet environmental challenges, respect animal welfare and benefit customers and society. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here