High quality milk starts with udder preparation

Udder preparation is a sometimes underestimated, but vital aspect, to high quality milk.

A proper udder preparation routine allows you to safe guard milk quality and herd health by minimizing the spread of bacteria. Milking a clean and dry teat will reduce the risk of cow-to-cow transfer of mastitis-causing pathogens and reduce contamination of milk by dirt and bacteria.

Apart from the obvious effect on hygiene and milk quality, udder preparation also optimizes milking capacity, by improving milk let-down and milk flow. Stimulating the udder by cleaning and drying the teats prevents dry milking and will increase milk harvest.

Last but not least, preparing the udder with products especially designed for those routines, will keep teats healthy and in good condition, ensuring smooth production. Soft and smooth teats are easier to milk, and teats in good condition are less prone to contamination.

 DeLaval has a full range of udder soaps, dry and pre-wetted paper, udder towels and other equipment to fit every udder preparation routine! Next to that, Biofoam Plus is our premium pre-milking foaming udder cleaner. The rich and high quality foam will easily detach dirt from the teats and it will teat skin, the natural barrier against infections, in excellent condition!

Benefits:Always use the proper routine with the best products to get the best results. 

  • Minimise the spread of bacteria to safeguard milk quality and herd health
  • Optimise milking capacity
  • Ensure smooth production by keeping teats healthy and in good condition