Barn Systems

In line with our priority to ensure all cows are kept healthy, our barn systems are all designed with the cow’s best in mind. We call it ‘cow comfort’ and it includes every aspect of the cow’s day-to-day routine in the barn.

Our research has helped us understand exactly the right size of cubicle for every cow with the best mattresses, mats, scrapers, feeding stalls, water troughs and flooring all integrated into one cow comfort solution.


With more and more consumers showing an interest in food security, farm hygiene has never been more important. 

Barn Stalling

Give cows the optimum laying, eating and resting areas and they will return the favour in the form of higher yields. DeLaval’s in-depth research ...


Biosecurity is about preventing the introduction and spread of disease in a farm as well as improving animals’ resistance to disease. This includ...

DeLaval InService™ - Barn Maintenance

The dairy barn is no longer a dry place to milk cows by hand – it is a hi-tech hub in a business that often runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.