DeLaval Biosecurity


Biosecurity is about preventing the introduction and spread of disease in a farm as well as improving animals’ resistance to disease. This includes everything from the threat posed by bacterial infection to the effect of rodents and insects on the wellbeing of a herd.

DeLaval’s vast experience of the dairy farming environment makes us uniquely placed to help farmers who want to assess their environment and improve it, making it safer, cleaner and more profitable.

Our range of insecticides, larvicides and rodenticides can be combined with our surface disinfectants and the expert knowledge of our technicians and health experts to tailor a solution for any farm.

Benefits:DeLaval’s vast experience  dairy farming makes us uniquely placed to help farmers who want to make their environment safer, cleaner and more profitable

  • Comprehensive range of insecticides, rodenticides and surface disinfectants
  • Extensive knowledge of dairy farm environments
  • Market-leading product range
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces rodent damage to farm buildings and machinery
  • Disinfectants that quickly remove the viruses that contain mastitis or can lead to diseases such as Foot and Mouth
  • Solutions for disinfecting all kinds of surfaces and milk clusters

The liners and clusters used for milking a herd can cause the transfer of bacterial infection from one cow to another. PeraDis™ is very effective in quickly killing the viruses and bacteria that cause mastitis and other diseases.

Limiting the entry and spread of bacteria in a farm starts with simple measures like regular disinfection of the premises and using footwear baths. PeraDis™ has also been thoroughly tested for these purposes also.

Insects and rodents on dairy farms can carry and transmit disease which affect the health of a herd and lower milk yields. They can also damage equipment by gnawing on cables and lines, and the damage done may not become apparent until it’s too late.

There are also unforeseen risks – for example, 25% of fires in farm buildings are thought to start because of rodent damage, often in the form of electrical short-circuits caused by gnawing on power cables.

Prevexor™ is an assortment of rodent control products. They are essentially highly palatable baits ideal for use when there is competition from other food sources.

The products contains a bitter agent to prevent non-targeted species from ingesting it, and is a very effective and easy-to-use measure in rodent control.

Aptaor™ is an assortment of fly control products. They are divided into two categories: the larvicide to address the problem from the root by blocking the fly life-cycle and the adulticides of which there are both insecticides and glue traps.