With more and more consumers showing an interest in food security, farm hygiene has never been more important. 

DeLaval’s cleaning products are the result of extensive research and testing, and are guaranteed to give optimum results without any adverse effect on a milking plant.

Our detergents and disinfectants help farmers maintain the highest standards of hygiene on their farm.

Food safety is a major issue for modern consumers, and dairies are taking it more seriously than ever. Major bulk purchasers of milk are likely to place demands on farm hygiene.

At DeLaval, we pride ourselves in owning the entire supply chain for our detergents – we research, source, quality control, formulate and test all our formulas, which means that we can guarantee the integrity, efficiency and quality of our products.

At DeLaval, we research, source, quality control, formulate and test all our formulas, which means that we can guarantee their integrity.


  • Extensive in-house research and development
  • Fully-owned supply chain guarantees product integrity
  • Tested and optimised to work with all DeLaval farming equipment
  • Compatible with equipment from most other manufacturers
  • Products meet the most demanding local requirements and standards of dairy processors
  • Can be adapted and changed to comply with the directives of national and international regulatory bodies

Some farm cleaning products contain chemical agents that can have a negative effect on parts of some farming equipment. DeLaval’s cleaning products are thoroughly tested with all of our farm machinery and are guaranteed not to have any adverse effect on pipes, rubber, metal or any other component.

Our cleaning products are aimed at maximising the performance of all milking equipment and components throughout their lifespan.

We also work closely with the major dairies to ensure that our products meet the expectations of both wholesale suppliers and consumers, which means that we can quickly adapt to any new guidelines or rules about detergents that they may introduce.

Farmers can be confident that DeLaval’s detergents and other cleaning products will keep their machinery, lines and tanks clean and safe. This means that when that glass of milk is ultimately served at the table, it meets the highest standards of safety and food hygiene.