DeLaval InService™ Advisory

A farm is no longer a simple collection of fields and outhouses – it is a hi-tech hub in a business that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It contains equipment that is tough, durable and essential, and as such it needs to be monitored, serviced and maintained to keep the farm producing at its maximum capacity. Its production and storage facilities are at the cutting edge of technology.

Dairy farming is complex and since there is no single solution for optimising productivity, we have added an advisory component to InService™.

With DeLaval expertise and exclusive high-tech tools, InService™ Advisory offers solutions to enhance productivity and support sustainable dairy farming. Guidance and advice on milking efficiency will be outlined to achieve the best results with your equipment, your workers and your cows.

Our dairy advisors will make detail observations of your farm’s milking routines, carry out in-depth system evaluation of your installation and its interaction with your cows and provide a road map with concrete solutions that will make your business more profitable.

 InService™ Advisory comprises three specific services that run in the VPR200 platform: Parlour analysis and simulation service PASS, DeLaval dynamic analysis DDA & DeLaval cleaning analysis DCA.

 PASS is the software used to maximise parlour throughput by improving milking procedures, evaluating the interactions among operators, machine and animals. Based on an extensive analysis and benchmarks, PASS identifies poor performance areas that are limiting the productivity in a milking parlour and it concludes on concrete and feasible actions to increase farm’s profitability.

 DDA ensures that the milking machine is optimised to obtain the most possible milk in the least amount of time with minimal effect on udder health and cow behaviour, ensuring that your cows reach their potential.

 DCA determines effectiveness and efficiency of mechanical (slugs) and thermal processes during cleaning in milking machines. By evaluating the mechanical and thermal processes of the cleaning of a milking machine, DCA improves the cleaning procedures before problems appear, securing high milk quality at all times.

Independent studies have shown the correlation between operational parameters of milking equipment and milk yield, milk quality and milking speed.


  • Better quality of your milk, with lower TBC but also no risk of detergent residues
  • Increased parlour throughput, giving your cows and your milkers more free time
  • Protects teat end heath by ensuring good milking routines and accurate installation settings
  • Reduces milking time, with the right vacuum and pulsation based on your herd needs
  • Reduces cow stress, with proper working routines and gentle milking