Automatic Milking

DeLaval’s innovative automatic milking solutions help farmers make the most of one of the most underrated resources on their farm – their time. 

Robotic milking systems such as DeLaval AMR™ (automatic milking rotary) and DeLaval VMS™ (voluntary milking system) significantly reduce the amount of labour needed to milk a herd, freeing up the farmer and their staff to concentrate on other critical aspects of their dairy operation, such as feeding, breeding, health and hygiene. 

DeLaval was the world’s first to launch an automatic milking rotary. No other company has come as far when it comes to the development of automatic milking. Our extensive research has enabled us to develop scalable end-to-end solutions that are effective, comprehensive and reliable, and that can considerably improve the performance of a farm's dairy operation and its bottom line. 

DeLaval was the world’s first to launch an automatic milking rotary. No other company has come as far when it comes to automatic milking.


  • Fast, gentle milking of a herd
  • Full quarter individual milking of the cow
  • Maximises milk output
  • Hygienic design
  • Provides vital information about animals and output
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Maximises staff on high-quality, high-value assignments
  • Identifies and alerts when specific animals need attention 

DeLaval VMS™

DeLaval VMS™ (voluntary milking system) allows cows to be milked automatically whenever they like in a calm, quiet and stress-free environment.

It identifies the cow as it enters the system and feed is dispensed before the teats are cleaned and prepared, and milking begins. Dual lasers on the robotic arm enable quick, precise teat detection.

When milking is complete, both the animal’s teats and the system itself are cleaned, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at all times.

DeLaval AMR™

DeLaval AMR™ is an automated rotary system designed to provide a hi-tech, gentle and efficient automated milking solution for herds of more than 300 cows. Farms can choose either voluntary cow traffic or batch milking.  

The system identifies each cow and gently guides them into the correct position, before beginning the cleaning, preparation and milking process.

As with the DeLaval VMS™, the DeLaval AMR™ provides a wealth of relevant information that can be used to monitor and analyse the performance of the herd and the overall dairy operation.

DeLaval teat spray robot TSR

Our DeLaval teat spray robot TSR automates the task of manual teat spraying and is used on not just automatic milking farms but also conventional milking systems.

With the ability to spray 400 cows an hour, it’s a highly efficient, accurate and consistent way to look after teat spraying.