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DeLaval InService™ - Milking

The best way to solve a problem at a milking plant is to ensure that it never happens at all. DeLaval InService™ preventive maintenance is all about keeping milking plants running smoothly allowing farm owners to maximise the return on both their hard work and their investment.

Just like a car, a milking plant needs regular servicing to ensure that it is performing optimally. Any fall-off in performance will directly affect the productivity of the herd and the profitability of the farm.

Every farm is different, so we work together with every farmer to tailor a preventive maintenance program that suits the situation and ensures that the productivity of the milking plant never slips.

The combination of innovative design and light, durable materials makes for a cluster that is comfortable, effective and easy to work.


  • Ensures milk produced on the farm is of the highest quality
  • Protects health and wellbeing of the herd
  • Optimises plant performance and maintains reliability
  • Extends the life of the milking plant
  • Reduces energy consumption and related cost
  • Reduces risk of equipment failure and associated cost/loss of earnings

The preventive maintenance program for a farm is a comprehensive list of what needs to be done and when to keep the plant running optimally.

With cutting-edge systems like the DeLaval VMS™ (voluntary milking system), we know our machines intimately, so we know exactly what needs to be checked, changed, validated and upgraded at every point in their life cycle to keep them running smoothly.

Naturally, we use only DeLaval original parts when repairing or replacing tubes, liners or other components.

Most preventive maintenance programs are based on the number of hours a milking plant runs, with various different checks carried out for every one thousand hours of operation.

Internal and external research has shown that for every euro spent on preventive maintenance, up to five euros can be saved in terms of lost productivity, machine repairs and emergency call-out charges.

Following the program means that farmers never need to worry about the milking plant breaking down due to a preventable cause.

Of course, not all possible failures can be prevented or predicted. If disaster strikes, we are only a phone call away – around the clock, around the globe, every day of the year.

Our global distribution network puts us on the ground, close to our customers in every territory, and our technicians are equipped with the original parts, the state-of-the-art test equipment and the industry know-how to solve any potential problems as quickly as possible.