Milk cooling and storage

Milk Cooling and Storage

Like every other product at DeLaval, we constantly try to find ways of helping our farmers do more with less. Our milk cooling and storage solutions are no different.

Our solutions are not just designed to rapidly cool and preserve fresh milk from the cow but we extract the heat from the milk and re-use it to warm water on the farm.

All our cooling solutions are tailored to the customers needs wherever they are in the world and whatever conditions they are operating under. Our solutions cater for farms of every size and type. 

The entire pre-cooling set-up in DeLaval’s solution lets you reduce energy consumption for milk cooling by up to 70%.


  • Secures high milk quality
  • Easy and efficient cleaning systems
  • Monitoring system of cooling and cleaning process
  • Robust and long lasting products
  • Energy efficient
  • Patented method of milk cooling for robotic milking
  • Excellent hygiene levels throughout the process
  • Fast milk emptying from cooling tanks
  • Heat recovery methods give you 55 degree hot water immediately upon cooling in our tanks

We offer the entire solution from the moment the milk has come from the cow to the time it enters the dairy’s milking trucks. 

Our pre-cooling solution cools the milk while it is pumped to storage minimising bacteria growth time. Cold water used to cool the milk warms up during the process making it suitable as drinking water for cows. The entire pre-cooling set-up reduces energy consumption for milk cooling by up to 70%.

Instant cooling is the next part of the process where our water chiller cools the milk to the requested temperature.

Our solutions have been developed with DeLaval pride meaning we do all we can to ensure high-quality fresh milk to meet the needs of any dairy around the world no matter what the farm situation is.