Sustainability - a word from our President & CEO

The DeLaval vision is to make sustainable food production possible. This reflects our belief that the most important contribution we can make in the area of sustainability is to support our customers and help them meet their challenges. DeLaval is committed both to improving the environmental and social performance of our own operations and to supporting our customers to become more sustainable. 

The farmers we serve are part of a value chain that faces increasing demands on food safety, on productivity and on producing in an environmentally sustainable way.

As a global company we team up with all the important players in our industry; our customers, suppliers, dealers, universities, institutions and other bodies to support them with world-class technology and knowledge. When we work together in partnership, we can rapidly improve farm efficiency and do more with less.

We base our research and communication around sustainability on four interrelated areas: the environment, animal welfare, social responsibility and farm profitability. We see many opportunities for combined productivity and environmental improvements on farms.

We also closely monitor and evaluate our own operations around the world to identify areas where we can improve. We aim to reduce energy usage, phase out chemicals according to our Restricted Substances List and reduce the amount of waste generated.

I invite you to explore our site in more detail, learn more about our work and to give us feedback, comments and questions. We encourage a healthy dialogue with all our stakeholders so that we together can make food production sustainable.

 - Joakim Rosengren, President and CEO