Sustainability at DeLaval

Our vision is to make sustainable food production possible. This means that we find ways to help our customers – dairy farmers – create sustainable operations. At the same time, we continuously monitor and improve the sustainability of our own operations.

"It is not by coincidence that, ‘we make sustainable food production possible’ is our company vision. You cannot optimise profitability without taking good care of your animals and neither can you disregard environmental responsibility."

Joakim Rosengren, President & CEO


Sustainability for us means helping our customers do more with less and succeed in their business. We also look at our own operations and make continuous improvements. 



Our customers are among the five million dairy farmers globally with ten cows or more. They are working in every climate imaginable from smaller operations to the world’s largest mega farms.


We are a global full-service supplier to dairy farmers and other professional food producers. We develop, manufacture and distribute equipment and complete systems for milk production and animal husbandry.