Our Customers Operations

Our customers are among the five million dairy farmers globally with ten cows or more. They are working across the globe in every climate imaginable from smaller operations to the world’s largest mega farms. We have solutions for every kind of farming situation. 

As a global leader with research and development units, we constantly develop new products and solutions that help our customers reduce their environmental footprint, while they improve food production, increase profitability, and enhance the well-being of people and animals.

All our products and solutions are first tested and researched internally and with leading agricultural institutions, universities and research projects. 

Many of our products have shown proven benefits in terms of increased and more efficient milk production, reduced energy consumption and improved animal welfare. When cows are healthy and productive they produce more milk per kg of feed and grass which means the water and land used to produce the feed and to maintain grazing fields are used more efficiently.  

It’s on the customer-side of our business that we believe we have the biggest impact and contribute most to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.