We make sustainable food production possible

There is an ever-increasing demand for food across the globe, and nobody is really sure how that demand will be met. One thing is clear though; we will only succeed if that demand is met in the most sustainable way. This is something we take seriously at DeLaval.

At DeLaval we look at sustainability from three main perspectives; Environment, Food and Animal Welfare, and Social and Economic.

During 2019, we identified 12 key sustainability challenges that we will focus on at DeLaval. Each challenge is driven by a member of our Group Management and during 2020 we will work on setting targets for our challenges. 

Customers' operations
To realise our vision we will continue to innovate and develop products and services for dairy farmers worldwide. We want to do all we can to allow them to reduce their environmental footprint, improve food production, increase profitability, and enhance the well-being of their staff and their herd.

Our focus is on milk harvesting and the lifetime management of the animals. Our aim is to reduce the resource use and the greenhouse gas emissions per kilo of milk produced on our customers' farms.

We have made significant progress in this area but it is an ongoing process. We will continue to help our customers to do more with less.

Internal operations
We, as a company, have a role to play too and we will continually improve our own operations’ environmental performance. We aim to reduce energy usage, phase out undesired chemicals, and reduce waste sent to landfill from our manufacturing.

United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals 
Of course, it is not only DeLaval but all businesses that have a decisive role to play in making the world more sustainable and secure. The actions and innovations of business will determine the success or failure of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions made at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in late 2015. We have identified eight UN Sustainable Development Goals where we can have an impact.

I invite you to explore our site in more detail, learn more about our work and to give us feedback or questions. We encourage a healthy dialogue with all our stakeholders so that we together can make food production sustainable.

Joakim Rosengren, President and CEO