How we Report and Relate to GRI G4

We will annually report our sustainability strategy and performance, including DeLaval International and its subsidiaries.

The purpose of the reporting is to explain how we work with with influencing the environmental and social issues that are most important to us.

We want to encourage a healthy dialogue with our stakeholders so that we together can make food production sustainable.

We are carrying out a wider materiality analysis based on what our key stakeholders find most material for our business and our operations. 

The most recent reporting was made public in June 2016 and covers 2015 unless otherwise stated. Our sustainability reporting is available online at

"We want to encourage a healthy dialogue with and amongst our stakeholders so that we together can make food production sustainable” 

Sustainability Manager
Jan Agri


We use the General Standard Disclosures of the Core level of GRI G4 as a reference to explain where different parts of our reporting can be found. The reporting is not externally assured. 


Attached is a cross-reference index that lists the obligatory and chosen GRI-indicators to be found in our reporting and where the information can be found. For some indicators there are information or comments in the GRI index.

Jan Agri


For any questions, please contact
Lars Johansson, Corporate Communications & Sustainability Senior Vice President