How we Support the Dairy Value Chain

The farmers we support are part of the Dairy Value Chain which can be divided into:

  • Farm input suppliers
  • Milk producers
  • Milk processors
  • Retailers
  • Consumers

Many have identified that the largest environmental impact within the dairy value chain is on the farm.

Farm input suppliers

Every day a farm needs:

  • Feed for its animals.
  • Equipment to milk, house and take care of the animals. This is the first part of the value chain and the part that DeLaval is very much involved in.

Milk producers

This is the core of a dairy farmer’s work; managing the herd and producing the milk. This is also where we support the dairy value chain most.

Our products and services help farmers milk their herd and ensure the well-being of the animals. We make it possible to increase the animals’ lifetime daily yields. All our products and services are aimed at helping farmers become more efficient and do more with less.

Milk processors

This is where the dairies and co-operatives collect and convert the raw milk into a wide variety of dairy products.  This is also where DeLaval’s role in the dairy value chain ends.


From here, the dairy products are distributed to retailers so that they can reach consumers.


From the retailers to the kitchen table. The final part of the chain is the consumption of the dairy product.