What is material?

What is Material to us?

Whilst identifying which sustainability topics were most important to us, we looked both at our customers' operations as well as our own. 

In 2018 we conducted a number of interviews with key stakeholders in the dairy industry as well as with employees at DeLaval. We looked at what was material for both our customers’ operations and our own. 

In late 2019, we re-named the categories in this materiality analysis so that they align with the three main sustainability perspectives we work with. In addition, we engaged in in-depth discussions in 2019 with farmers across Europe via the EDF (European Dairy Farming) organisation. The result of these discussions showed us the main sustainability challenges facing European dairy farmers. These topics are also relevant for our customers in other parts of the world.

The largest sustainability-related risk many farmers face today, in a time of volatile milk and feed prices, is to maintain a profitable business.

Key sustainability challenges

Based on the customer’s main challenges and our own materiality index, we have identified 12 key sustainability challenges. Each challenge is driven by a member of our Group Management. During 2020 we will work on setting targets for these challenges.

The graph below shows what areas key external and internal stakeholders are most important to us.  

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 Materiality index