Awards and Recognitions

DeLaval is proud to have won a number of awards in recent years for our innovations in dairy farming. Here are a few of our most recent.

EuroTier ’Innovation of the Year 2017’

DeLaval cleaning analysis DCA was one of the official EuroTier 2016 silver medal winners and was also awarded ’Innovation of the Year 2017’ in the category milking technology. This is the third time DeLaval has been selected for this award. DeLaval was selected in 2011 for DeLaval automatic milking rotary AMR™ and in 2014 for DeLaval Clover Liner™

2017 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award
DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S was one of ten new products recognized at the Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards for its game-changing technology. The solution allows farmers to remotely monitor calf data, adjust feeding plans and even service their machines from their smartphone or tablet. This is the fourth time DeLaval has received the award. DeLaval has previoulsy won for DeLaval Body Condition Scoring (BCS), DeLaval Teat Spray Robot (TSR) in 2015 and DeLaval AMR™ in 2011.

Suisse Tier Award for Innovation 2017
The app system, DeLaval milk24 won the award for innovation at the Suisse Tier 2017 exhibition in Lucerne, Switzerland. The app allows farmers with stanchion barns track milk production and make more informed management decisions.