Awards and Recognitions

DeLaval is proud to have won a number of awards in recent years for our innovations in dairy farming. Here are a few of our most recent.

Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards 2015

Both DeLaval Body Condition Scoring and Teat Spray Robot (TSR™) solutions won Dairy Herd Management Awards in 2015. Dairy Herd Management 2015 Innovation Awards were set up to recognise pioneering new products designed to improve dairy farmers' operations in terms of efficiency, functionality and technology. Judging is said to be based on originality within the marketplace, usefulness, and value to dairy farmers.

Body Condition Scoring was also nominated for the Elmia Innovation Awards in Sweden in 2015.

Prince Philip Award 2015

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ won the British RABDF Prince Philip Award for research and development in the field of dairy farming and the most practical, relevant and best technical exhibit at the Livestock Event 2015. Herd Navigator has won several other awards in previous years.


DeLaval AMR™ won a gold medal at the most recent EuroTier innovation awards (2010). DeLaval Inservice Remote™ won a silver medal at the same event. The award criteria include being a new concept, the importance of the product for practice, conformity with animal welfare, impact on farm and labour management and the environment and energy situation.

Agroleite Trophy in Brazil

DeLaval won the Agroleite Trophy for the best milking equipment category in August 2015. It’s the ninth time DeLaval has won the prestigious award. Agroleite is the largest and best known dairy farming exhibition in Brazil.

Agribusiness of the Year 2015

The Wyoming County Chamber awarded DeLaval as the Agrobusiness of the year for 2015 “for their commitment to Wyoming Country’s agriculture industry and their support of the community.”