Corporate Governance Results

We work continuously to improve our results from employee engagement surveys, workplace safety and ensure diversity in our organization. 

Employee engagement
In 2017 an Employee Engagement survey was distributed in 22 languages to all employees of DeLaval. Some of the results are shown below. The figures include those that agree or strongly agree with the statement.

  • DeLaval is socially and environmentally responsible – 77% 
  • Employees are treated equally and fairly regardless of gender, age, race, disability, religion or sexual orientation at DeLaval – 78%
  • I am treated with dignity and respect at work – 79%
  • I am satisfied with this company’s efforts to maintain a safe and secure work environment – 80%

 All parts of the company have now made follow-up plans to improve these results. The survey will be repeated annually to secure improvements are made.

Corporate governance training

A Corporate Governance eLearning course was launched in February 2015 and was completed by all DeLaval employees.  

The eLearning training covers areas such as safety, conflicts of interest, non-discrimination, protection of assets and confidential information. The training explains how suspected non-compliance can be reported.

The training is available in eleven languages.

Workplace safety

  • No accidents causing permanent disability or worse have occurred since 2010. 
  • In 2017, 38 accidents took place that led to an employee being absent from work for one day or more. 


  • The number of female employees and female managers at DeLaval are 21%.

Supplier conduct

  • In 2015 we focused on getting the biggest suppliers to sign our Ethics and Sustainability principles. The target was to reach suppliers that account for 85% of the total spend by the Global Sourcing team. We reached 88% in 2017.